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        Work at containers yard in Lattakia port resumed after removing damage of the Israeli aggression

        Lattakia, SANA-Staff of the General Company for Lattakia Port and company of containers station at Lattakia commercial port resumed works of unloading ships and transporting commercial containers after removing the damages resulted by the brutal Israeli aggression that targeted the commercial container yard on Tuesday dawn.

        Transport Ministry said in a statement posted on its website page that the port administration, in cooperation with Lattakia province, the Civil Defense and the authorities concerned, putt out the fires, cleaned the affected sites to ensure the safety of the equipment at the airport, including heavy cranes and vehicles.

        It added that all cadres and workers are in a good health and damages were limited to materials.

        Earlier, the Israeli occupation entity launched a missile attack that targeted the containers yard at Lattakia commercial port that set fires to a number of trade containers in the place.

        MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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