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        Means of continuation of production process discussed

        Damascus, SANA- Industry Minister Ziad Sabbagh and a board of directors of Federation of Syrian chambers of Industry held a meeting on Sunday, discussing mechanisms of taking advantage of the law no.30 for 2021 ,which exempts raw materials, imported as inputs for local industry, from the 1% customs tariffs categorized in the Customs Tariff list , and means of providing supplies of the industrial work for the continuation of the production process in private sector facilities.

        The meeting focused on how to take advantage of the law to reduce the costs of producing goods and products in a way that reflects positively on the local markets and the price stability

        Sabbagh affirmed that the Ministry is working to overcome difficulties and obstacles to upgrade the national industry in all fields and the federation should be a significant actor to the Ministry.

        Chairman of federation, Fares al-Shihabi pointed out to federation efforts aimed at reaching solutions to the difficulties encountered the industrial work.

        Shaza Qreima



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