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        Mikdad: Syria has proven ability to foil plots against it

        New York, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Faysal Mikdad, stressed on Saturday that Syria has proven that it is capable of thwarting plots against it, welcoming any contacts with Western countries.

        “We communicate with many Western countries, but in a shy manner, and we do not want to disclose this, especially the other Western pressures will continue against these countries,” Mikdad said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV Channel.

        Regarding the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian lands, Mikdad underlined that Syria is not afraid of “Israel” or of the countries that support it, as Syria has a policy and wisdom in its acts and the right time to respond to these barbaric attacks that kill many innocent people.

        As for Syrian-Egyptian relations, Minister Mikdad pointed out to the possibility of opening contacts to follow up on the situation.

        “We will put the past behind us and move forward, and we will not announce such contacts,” Mikdad said.

        MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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