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        Health Ministry: More than 3,000 Corona cases at hospitals in provinces

        Damascus-SANA -Director of Readiness, Ambulance and Emergency Department at the Health Ministry, Dr. Tawfiq Hasaba, said that the number of infected COVID-19 in the provinces’ hospitals exceeded three thousand patients.

        He said, in a statement to SANA, that the Ministry is working to prepare Dummar Hospital to receive COVID-19 patients transferred from hospitals and need of intensive care, with a capacity of 17 care beds.

        He said that that 100 percent of beds in the intensive care units for Corona patients at Damascus, its countryside and Lattakia hospitals are full , as four patients, who need critical care,? have been transferred from Damascus to Homs hospitals.

        He stressed that hospitals and health cadres are working hard to overcome the current wave of spread of the virus, indicating that the Ministry provides all necessary medicines, in addition to oxygen, means of prevention and protective medical clothing for medical staff working in isolation departments and in contact with patients.

        Hasaba pointed out that until today, no infection has been detected inside hospitals for the patients who received coronavirus vaccine, which confirms the importance of obtaining the vaccine, in addition to the commitment to implement preventive health measures.

        MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima






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