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        Minister Raad: Necessity of cooperation to face challenges in water sector

        Dubai, SANA- Activities of the Fifth Arab Water Forum were concluded on Friday with the participation of Syria, as the latest technologies and innovations were presented in the Water Technologies’ Exhibition.

        Minister of Water Resources, Tammam Raad, stressed the importance of Arab cooperation in light of the challenges facing the water sector in the Arab countries, the most important of which are unilateral measures by unfair upstream countries towards downstream countries and transit that affects the economic, environmental and social situation.

        Minister Raad pointed out to the need to find solutions to the problem of water pollution because of its future impact on sustainable development and environmental situation in the water sector, and to find alternative or emergency water sources.

        He condemned the coercive unilateral measures which mainly affect the livelihood of the Syrians.

        MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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