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        Worldwide coronavirus death toll passes four million and 720 thousand

        Capitals, SANA- The novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than four million and 720 thousand people worldwide since its outbreak in December 2019, according to the latest statistics by the American Worldometers Website.

        The site, which tracks the latest developments of the virus worldwide, added that the total number of infections has reached up to 230,178,124, while the death toll has climbed up to 4,720,255, and the recoveries have reached up to 206,887,447.

        The US still tops the worst-affected countries by the virus in terms of the number of infections and deaths as it has recorded 696,158 deaths out of 43,181,248 infections.

        India comes second with 445,799 deaths out of 33,529,986 infections, and then Brazil comes in the third place as it has registered 591,440 deaths out of 21,247,669 infections.

        Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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