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        Syria, Russia to enhance cooperation in domain of higher education

        Damascus, SANA – A session of talks was held on Wednesday at ?Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry, headed by ?Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and the First Vice-President of the Russian Novosibirsk Province, Yuri Petukhov, concentrating on means of enhancing and developing joint scientific cooperation.

        The two sides affirmed the need for increasing cooperation in the domain of scientific research, activating agreements between Syrian and Russian universities, enhancing permanent communication in this regard, and supporting the Russian language teaching in Syria, in addition to? building? capacities in medical, engineering and other sciences.

        Minister Ibrahim hailed the distinguished relations between Syria and Russia at all levels, expressing hope that more scientific cooperation agreements would be signed with Russian universities.

        For his part , Petukhov showed readiness to ?accept Syrian students who have the will study in Russia and to offer all forms of support to find the infrastructure for new technologies.

        Hybah/ Mazen

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