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        Historic visitor center in Palmyra put into service after its restoration

        Palmyra, SANA- The Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Governorate of Homs, put on Saturday the building of the historic visitor center in the ancient city of Palmyra into service, after its restoration and rehabilitation as it had been damaged at the hands of Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization, at an estimated cost of SYP 300 million.

        Director of Homs Antiquities and Museums Department Hussam Hamish said in a statement to SANA reporter that this important archaeological building dates back to about two hundred years ago, and it had been previously used as a museum of folk traditions and then as a center for visitors and tourist delegations.

        Hamish added that the building has been restored and rehabilitated in an artistic and optical way, using gypsum in a way that matches the nature of the folkloric architectural style of the area.

        He pointed out that this center is the gateway for the tourists upon their arrival to the archaeological area of Palmyra, as it provides a general map and a panoramic view of the archaeological and tourist site of Palmyra and its development throughout the historical phases.

        He added that the center presents programs and documentaries to its visitors through large screens, in addition to the presence of a tourist information office through which it provides brochures and advertising and promotional materials.

        A part of the building is being used as hotel rooms to receive tourist delegations coming to the city, and it also includes a cafeteria and a rest stop for visitors.

        Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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