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        Aleppo continues acts of restoration at Sweikat Hatem Souq in old city

        Aleppo, SANA- Reconstruction and rehabilitation acts of Aleppo Ancient city markets, where some parts of it have been destroyed by terrorism, continue to reactivate the economic activity and preserve its urban identity.

        Eng. Ahmad al-Shehabi, Cherif of Aleppo old city that is affiliated to Aleppo municipality, told SANA that the restoration and rehabilitation acts in Sweikat Hatem which includes more than 150 shops and a number of Khans which are being carried out under the supervision of a cadre of technicians and engineers from the old city.

        Al-Shehabi added that Soueqah Hatem is one of the most important open and unroofed shops, and it links the tow axes of khan al-Wazir Street in the south, which leads to the castle, with the Old Prison Street.

        He said that the city Council given a number of merchants and owners of the ruined shops the necessary licenses to rebuild and rehabilitate their shops as they were able to restore them, return to them and practice their works again, while some others are building and setting up commercial khans, like Khan al-Badnajki and Khan Mousa al-Araj in addition to the archeological mosques.

        SANA camera observed the renovation and reconstruction acts in Sweikat Hatem as operations of cutting and carving of stones and cleaning stone facades were carried out.

        In that context, worker Ahmad Hallaq, who works in the field of stone carving, said that the damaged parts are removed and replaced by stones of the same type to preserve their urban form and build the stone arches.

        Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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