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        Revenues of free zones until the end of last July reach up to SYP 16 billion

        Damascus, SANA- The revenues of the General Establishment for Free Zones since the beginning of this year until the end of last July amounted to SYP 16 billion, achieving an increase of SYP 6.8 billion, in comparison with the same period last year when its total revenues reached SYP 9.2 billion.

        The Establishment issued a report in which it said that the revenues achieved during the seven months of this year exceeded the total revenues achieved in 2019 by SYP 11.5 billion, as its total revenues amounted to SYP 4.5 billion.

        The report noted that the value of goods and machinery imported into the free zones amounted to SYP 33 billion until the end of July, while the value of goods and machinery exported from the free zones, whether to Syria for domestic consumption or abroad, amounted to SYP 67.5 billion.

        According to the report, the total customs duties collected by the General Customs Directorate as a result of placing goods and machinery in the free zones for local consumption amounted to SYP 11.6 billion, while the value of the total customs duties collected during the past year amounted to SYP 10.6 billion.

        According to the report, the working capital in the free zones in foreign exchange amounted to USD 405 million operated by 825 investors in investments that provide job opportunities for about 5100 workers.

        In Syria, there are 9 free zones distributed over the provinces of Damascus and Lattakia, two for each, and one in each of Tartous, Aleppo, Hasaka, Homs and Daraa. They are distinguished by their presence in the main cities and its proximity to ports, airports and land crossings, which made them regional distribution centers and transit gates abroad.

        Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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