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        Representatives of industrial, trade sectors, Mariani discuss repercussions of Western unilateral measures ?

        Damascus, SANA- Representatives of the industrial and trade sectors have discussed, during their meeting in the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its countryside, with Thierry Mariani, member of the European Parliament, member of the French National Rally Party, and the accompanying delegation, the negative repercussions of the unilateral coercive Western economic measures imposed on the Syrian people and ways to influence policies, especially European ones, to correct relations with the Syrian government.

        Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, Samer al-Dibs, stressed that the unjustified coercive measures imposed by the United States and Europe on Syria, which are considered a wrong policy by all standards and affect all members of the Syrian people, cannot change the sovereign decision of Syria.

        ?Al-Dibs called on the delegation’s members to convey everything they saw and heard to the European Parliament, especially about the impact of these unjust measures on the Syrian people, which affected the basic requirements of life and the raw materials for production, represented by wheat and oil derivatives, in addition to the repair of electric power stations as well as what the industrial sector needs.

        For his part, Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Mohammad Abu al-Huda al-Lahham, expressed hope that the delegation’s visit would contribute to lifting these unjust measures imposed on the Syrian people, while Chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce Osama Mustafa, for his part, expressed hope for lifting the unjust siege on Syria and the return of shipping and the European transport companies to work in it.

        Mariani, in a statement to journalists, that this is the seventh visit to Syria and aims to inspect the situation in it and evaluate the repercussions of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on it, stressing that these measures are considered a crime and that it is necessary from a legal and humanitarian point of view that Europe lift them due to the suffering they cause.

        Mariani indicated that it is logical for Europe, including France, to lose its interests in the region because of its policies that serve other countries, hailing the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the terrorist attack they have been subjected to at a time when other countries have collapsed quickly thanks to the courage of the Syrian army that protected its country, otherwise Syria would have been like Afghanistan Today.

        Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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