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        Al-Muhannad Kulthoum elected member of the Jury committee of Kazan International Film Festival

        Damascus, SANA- Organizers of the 17th edition of Kazan International Islamic Film Festival have chosen Syrian film director, Al-Muhannad Kulthum, to be a member in the Jury committee of the official competition of the festival to kick off on September 5th.

        The festival, which will be held in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is considered as one of the largest film festivals being held annually in Russia since 2005.

        It aims to exchange cultural, artistic and cinematic experiences under the slogan (Dialogue of Cultures and Culture of Dialogue) in the presence of prominent film figures and directors from the five continents.

        Director Kulthum has previously participated as a member in the Jury committees of local, Arab and international film festivals like Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Russia and Italy.

        He has directed 15 15 short, documentary and fictionist films.

        Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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