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        Culture & Arts

        October, 2021

        • 3 October

          Ugaritic musical cult hymn at Expo Dubai 2020 ?

          Damascus, SANA- The Syrian pavilion at “Expo Dubai 2020” showcases the oldest written musical Hymn in the world entitled the “Ugaritic worship song”. Several clay tablets from the 14th century …

        • 3 October

          Ain al-Tell Aramean statue returns back to Aleppo National Museum

          Aleppo, SANA- The Aramean statue of Ain al-Tell, which dates back to the end of the ninth century B.C., was unveiled in the National Museum of Aleppo on Saturday, after …

        September, 2021

        • 15 September

          Artifacts and Heritage Exhibition opened in Dummer incubator for traditional arts

          Damascus, SANA- Artifacts and Heritage Exhibition was held in Dummar central incubator for traditional arts affiliated to the General Union of Craftsmen in Damascus under the slogan “Syria is History …

        • 9 September

          Syrian student awarded title of International Student Ambassador by Hungarian University of Miskolc

          Budapest, SANA- Syrian young man, Raed Ghanem, was awarded the title of International Student Ambassador (ISA) from the Hungarian University of Miskolc, during an official ceremony attended by a number …

        August, 2021

        • 19 August

          Al-Muhannad Kulthoum elected member of the Jury committee of Kazan International Film Festival

          Damascus, SANA- Organizers of the 17th edition of Kazan International Islamic Film Festival have chosen Syrian film director, Al-Muhannad Kulthum, to be a member in the Jury committee of the …

        • 15 August

          Cultural celebration at Indian Embassy in Damascus, marking 75th anniversary of independence

          Damascus, SANA- The Indian Embassy in Damascus has held a varied cultural celebration on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence from the British occupation. In a speech during the ceremony, …

        • 10 August

          Syrian student with special talent wins first place at International Festival and? Competition of Inclusive Creativity, Petersburg

          Damascus, SANA- Syrian student , Michel Hannoush, from Solhi al-Wadi Institute came first in the International Festival and? Competition of Inclusive Creativity (Soulful Petersburg), in the Russian city of Petersburg. …

        • 5 August

          Koz 1… Syrian songs with different flavors…first fruits of Sanubar band

          Damascus, SANA- “ I love you” and “ come.. I made coffee for you” were the first fruits songs of an album composed by Syrian Sanubar band, but they all …

        July, 2021

        • 27 July

          Syrian, Russian experts discuss prospects for cooperation to protect Syrian cultural heritage

          Damascus, SANA- The meeting, which was held on Monday at the National Museum in Damascus under the title (Cultural Heritage in Danger), and brought together a number of Syrian and …

        • 10 July

          After partnership in “Damascus Aleppo” … Dureid Lahham and Basel al-Khateeb together again in “Al-Hakeem” film

          Damascus, SANA- After the great success of “Damascus Aleppo” feature film which won award of the Best Arabic Feature Film, along with granting the professional artist, Duried Lahham, the Grand …