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        October, 2021

        • 7 October

          Two civilians injured in explosive device blast in Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra , SANA – Two civilians were injured in blast of an explosive device left behind by terrorist organizations in Um Batna village in the Quneitra central countryside . A …

        August, 2021

        • 31 August

          Two civilians martyred in IED blast, Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- Two civilians were martyred in IED blast in the vicinity of Jubata al-Khashab village in Quneitra countryside. SANA reporter said that two civilians were martyred after their car …

        • 26 August

          Israeli occupation forces commit arson in Bir Ajam woodlands, Quneitra Countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- The Israeli occupation forces have committed an arson in the woodlands of Bir Ajam in Quneitra southwestern countryside, and the firefighting brigade, in cooperation with the Forestry Department …

        July, 2021

        • 21 July

          Celebration of Eid al-Adha in Quneitra

        June, 2021

        • 27 June

          Mayor of Ghadir al-Bustan municipality shot dead by terrorist group , Qunitera countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- Mayor of Ghadir al-Bustan municipality, Hussein al-ka’aid was shot dead by terrorists ?in front of his house in the southern sector of Quneitra province . SANA reporter said …

        • 25 June

          A civilian martyred, his two children injured in an explosive device blast in Karkas village in Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- A civilian was martyred and his two children were injured in an explosion of an explosive device planted by unknown persons in his car in the village of …

        April, 2021

        • 18 April

          A civilian martyred in explosive device blast in Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- A civilian was martyred in explosion of explosive device in the area of Rasm al-Karm affiliated to ??Umm Batina municipality in Quneitra countryside . SANA reporter in Quneitra …

        January, 2021

        • 18 January

          Weather conditions cause slight damage to electricity, telecommunication networks in Quneitra ?

          ? Quneitra, SANA- The weather conditions witnessed in Quneitra province on Sunday led to a slight damage to the electricity and telecommunication networks, in addition to flooding some agricultural lands …

        • 17 January

          Two persons martyred, two others wounded by unknown armed persons, Quneitra countryside

            Quneitra, SANA-Two people were martyred and two others were wounded by bullets fired at them by unidentified gunmen in the village of Ruwayhina village in Quneitra southern countryside. SANA …

        • 16 January

          ? Two children injured in explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra, SANA- Tow children were injured in explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in the surroundings of Jebba village in Quneitra central countryside. Director of Mamdouh Abbaza Hospital …