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        October, 2021

        • 9 October

          Arab Tribes and Clans condemn QSD militia aggression on civilians in Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka, SANA- Syrian Tribes and Clans in Hasaka province condemned the US occupation-linked QSD militia’s blatant aggressions as a “violation of all ethical and humanitarian standards” through exploiting the support …

        • 8 October

          QSD militia carries out raids campaign, kidnaps over 100 civilians in Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka , SANA- US occupation –backed QSD militia carried out raids campaign in villages of Tel Barak in the north east of Hasaka, and kidnapped 100 civilians during the past …

        • 2 October

          Terrorists kidnap a civilian, assault a tribal dignitary in Hasaka countryside

          ?Hasaka, SANA- The Turkish occupation backed –terrorist organizations kidnapped a civilian and launched an assault against a tribal dignitary in Hasaka northwestern countryside. Local sources told SANA that the Turkish …

        September, 2021

        • 29 September

          Six Turkish occupation mercenaries killed, others injured in Ras al-Ayn

          Hasaka, SANA- Six of the Turkish occupation mercenaries were killed and five others were injured in infighting which erupted on Tuesday in Ras al-Ayn city, Hasaka northwestern countryside. Meanwhile another …

        • 26 September

          QSD militia kidnaps 15 teachers from a school in Qamishli, Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka, SANA –The US occupation backed –QSD militia kidnapped 15 teachers from one of Qamishli schools and took them to unknown destination in the framework of its criminal practices against …

        • 23 September

          Citizens in Hasaka northern countryside demonstrate in condemnation of QSD militia daily aggression

          Hasaka, SANA- Citizens of Amouda city in the northern countryside of Hasaka demonstrated in condemnation of QSD militiamen, their daily attacks on civilians, and their plunder of the country’s resources …

        • 22 September

          Explosive device goes off in occupied city of Ras al-Ayn, Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka, SANA – An explosive device went off on Wednesday in Ras al-Ayn city in the countryside of Hasaka, where the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries are deployed. …

        • 21 September

          A daily suffering in Hasaka due to seizing schools by QSD militia

          Hasaka, SANA- Seizing schools in Hasaka by the US occupation-backed QSD militia has reflected negatively on the situation and stability of the educational process at the public schools which teach …

        • 19 September

          US occupation transfers new group of Daesh terrorists to its base in al-Shadadi

          Hasaka, SANA- US occupation forces have transferred scores of Daesh terrorists detained in the prisons of QSD militia in Qamishli to its base in al-Shadadi, south of Hasaka, as part …

        • 17 September

          QSD militia besieges residential areas in Hasaka, kidnaps number of civilians

          Hasaka, SANA- US occupation –backed QSD militia besieged on Friday residential areas in Hasaka city and kidnapped a number of civilians, taking them to an unknown destination. Local sources told …