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        September, 2021

        • 29 September

          A woman from Sweida establishes vegetarian kitchen project to manufacture healthy foods

        • 27 September

          Exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration in Sweida province

        • 13 September

          Sahwat? al-Khudre Village in Sweida.. attractive factors for tourism investment

          Sweida, SANA – Several natural, environmental and archaeological factors that distinguish Sahwat al-Khudre village in Sweida southeastern countryside which make it remarkable to be one of the most important investments …

        August, 2021

        • 16 August

          Harvesting tomato crops in Sweida continues, production expected to reach 70 thousand tons

        June, 2021

        • 24 June

          Cucumber harvest season in Sweida province

        • 17 June

          Salkhad khans in Sweida… archaeological monuments dating back to the Ayyubid period

          Sweida, SANA- Salkhad city’s khans, located in Sweida southern countryside, are one of the important archaeological monuments dating back to the Ayyubid period. Head of Sweida Antiquities’ Department, Nasha’at Kiwan, …

        • 15 June

          Sweida farmers harvest cherry crops

        • 3 June

          Salkhad cemetery, magnificent archeological landmark in Sweida

          Sweida, SANA- The cemetery of Salkhad city in Sweida province which is located on the western slope of its castle, is a sign of a long-lived civilization, evidenced by numerous …

        May, 2021

        • 26 May

          Citizens head for polling stations in Sweida province to cast votes in presidential elections

          Sweida, SANA-With the first moments of opening the ballot boxes, locals in Sweida and its residents headed to polling stations in the province to cast their votes in the presidential …

        April, 2021

        • 29 April

          Sei village in Sweida : fascinating picture that attracts visitor with its scenic nature

          Sweida, SANA- Sei village which is located to the east of Sweida city, is distinguished by its picturesque mountainous nature, its clean air and its fruitful and forestry trees that …