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        September, 2021

        • 28 September

          An exhibition for handicrafts and traditional industries in Tartous

        • 14 September

          Archaeology Department starts acts of restoration of Tartous Cathedral Museum

          Tartous, SANA- A specialized team from the technical lab of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums in Tartous has begun acts of restoration and fixing operations of architectural elements that …

        August, 2021

        • 15 August

          The shipbuilding industry in Arwad island …a profession founded more than 2500 BC years old?

          Tartous, SANA – The people of Arwad Island in Tartous province have talented in industry of marine ships and wooden boats since ancient times, as they inherited that profession from …

        • 13 August

          Safita Tower… Unique witness to the authenticity of urban art in Tartous province

          Tartous, SANA – Safita Tower is located in the middle of Safita city in Tartous province overlooking several castles and fortresses and rising 419 km above sea level. The tower …

        July, 2021

        • 20 July

          Two ladies from Banias countryside create two micro-projects for preparing homemade sweets

          Tartous, SANA- Every year , Sawsan Wardeh and Imtithal Abbas, from Banias countryside in Tartous province receive orders from local customers to prepare homemade sweets as they made the sweet …

        • 19 July

          Tartous Markets ahead of Eid al-Adha

          Manar Salameh

        June, 2021

        • 29 June

          Pottery craftsman preserves his career for half century

          Tartous, SANA-Taha Hammadi Al Hammadi, a man in his 70th, has persisted ??his work in pottery industry for 55 years, providing with his traditional tools a wide group of pottery …

        • 27 June

          Wheat fields in al-Majdil village in Sheikh Badr countryside, Tartous

        • 7 June

          With simple tools, a young man from Tartous makes Oud instrument with high specifications

          Tartous, SANA – Young man Hassan Zahra works hard in his small workshop in one of Sheikh Bader villages in Tartous province to develop his profession in making oud instrument …

        • 7 June

          Harvesting and preparing tobacco in Harisoun town in Baniyas area (photos)

          Tartous, SANA- Tobacco cultivation in Tartous province is of great importance where many families depend on it as the only source of livelihood, especially in the rural mountain in Qadmous …