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        October, 2021

        • 3 October

          On Pink October Occasion … Activities for early breast cancer detection in Homs

          Homs, SANA- Non-Governmental Civil Organizations (NGOs) and charitable societies in Homs will participate in several awareness activities, in addition to providing free health services during the pink month of October …

        September, 2021

        • 12 September

          Historic visitor center in Palmyra put into service after its restoration

          Palmyra, SANA- The Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Governorate of Homs, put on Saturday the building of the historic visitor center in the …

        • 11 September

          Farmers in Shin town, Homs western countryside, continue to harvest apple crop

        • 10 September

          Civil defense staff extinguish fire in al-Marana village, Homs countryside

          Homs, SANA- Civil Defense staff and firemen put out a fire that erupted in fruit trees and dry herbs in the lands of al -Marana village in the western countryside …

        • 9 September

          A man and his wife and daughter martyred in mine explosion west of Palmyra

          Palmyra, SANA- A man, his wife, and his daughter were martyred and his son was injured when a landmine left behind by Daesh terrorist organization “ISIS” went off in al-Baiyarat …

        August, 2021

        • 23 August

          National cadres install second wind turbine to generate electric power in Homs countryside

          Homs, SANA- WDRVM company for alternative energy and heavy industries in Hassia Industrial city, Homs countryside has announced that Syrian cadres have been able to install the second wind turbine …

        • 14 August

          Palmyra’s historic oasis recovers, dates season promises an abundant production

          Palmyra, SANA- Palmyra dates are well known in the world, and the oasis includes about 80,000 trees that were affected by the terrorists’ acts as they cut off the irrigation …

        • 2 August

          Al-Baath University, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering discuss cooperation

          Homs, SANA- The mechanism of joint cooperation between al-Baath University and Moscow State University of Civil Engineering was discussed on Monday, at al-Baath University in Homs. Dr. Abdul Basit al-Khatib, …

        July, 2021

        • 22 July

          Army air defenses repel Israeli aggression on al- Qusair, Homs countryside

          ?Homs, SANA- The Syrian Arab Army air defenses repelled an Israeli aggression with missiles on al-Qusair area in Homs countryside, and downed most of the hostile missiles. A military sources …

        • 21 July

          Celebration of Eid al-Adha in Homs

          Manar Salameh