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        October, 2021

        • 9 October

          Syrian U-23 football team qualifies for West Asian semi-finals tournament

          Riyadh, SANA-Syria u-23 football team qualified to semi-finals of West Asian Football Federation Championship (WAFF) being held in Saudi city of Dammam. The Syrian team qualified after having the best …

        • 7 October

          Syria loses to South Korea 1-2 in world Cup qualifiers of Qatar

          Seoul, SANA-Syrian national football team lost to its South Korean counterpart 1-2 in the third match of the decisive round within world Cup qualifiers of Qatar 2022. The Korean team …

        • 2 October

          Syrian national female U-12 tennis team comes third in the West Asian tournament

          Amman, SANA- Syrian female tennis team came third in West Asia U-12 Championship hosted by Jordanian capital city of Amman that is concluded today ,with participation of the teams of …

        • 1 October

          Charity marathon for supporting children with cancer in Damascus

          Damascus, SANA- In support of children with cancer, a charity marathon titled “We Want to Run for BASMA” was launched on Friday from Damascus-based Sheraton Hotel. The participants crossed 5 …

        • 1 October

          Syria’s national football team ties with Chinese counterpart in a friendly match

          Abu Dhabi, SANA –? Syria’s national football team tied with Chinese counterpart in a friendly match which was held Thursday in UAE as preparation for the coming decisive round of …

        September, 2021

        • 22 September

          Syria’s boxer Alaa Ghosoun qualifies for semi-finals of World Military Championship

          Moscow, SANA –Syrian boxer, Alaa Ghouson, has qualified for the semi- final of the World Military Championship currently held in the Russian capital of Moscow. Alaa Ghosoun qualified for the …

        • 19 September

          Syria’s women handball team beats Palestinian counterpart at Asian Cup in Amman

          Amman, SANA – Syria’s women handball team beat Palestinian counterpart by 47-13 on Sunday in its fourth match of Women’s Asian Cup , hosted by the Jordanian capital of? Amman, …

        • 18 September

          Excerpts from Tishreen and Hiteen match in the fourth round of Syrian football first league

          Excerpts from Tishreen and Hiteen match at the fourth round of Syrian football first league

        • 17 September

          Syrian tennis team beats Sri Lanka counterpart at Davis Cup

          Amman, SANA – The Syrian Tennis team for men beat Sir Lanka counterpart on Friday (3-0) within Group C of the first round of Davis Cup held in Jordan. The …

        • 13 September

          Al-Thawra basketball women team obtains second place in the Arab tournament of Amman

          Amman, SANA-Al-Thawra women basketball team obtained the second place at the Arab Women Basketball teams after losing to Beirut club by 67/71 points in the final match. Al-Thawra qualified for …