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        Home / Provinces News / Damascus Countryside

        Damascus Countryside

        September, 2021

        • 13 September

          With participation of civil society, restoration works for a number of schools in Daraya continue

          Damascus countryside, SANA- With the participation of civil society, Damascus Countryside Education Directorate is following up work of restoration and maintenance of school buildings in the city of Daraya which …

        August, 2021

        • 19 August

          Douma farmers restore life to their lands (photos)

          Damascus Countryside, SANA- With strong determination, Douma farmers have been restoring life to their lands through cultivating them with crops that have been a source of livelihood and support for …

        • 19 August

          Restoration of 13 schools in Nabek to receive students at beginning of school year – video

          Damascus Countryside, SANA- Active restoration and rehabilitation operations have been taking place at 13 schools that were damaged by terrorism in Nabek area in Damascus countryside, to be ready at …

        • 14 August

          Arbin city witnesses rapid pace of restoring commercial activity and resuming production

          Damascus Countryside, SANA- The commercial movement is accelerating in the markets of Arbin city in Damascus Countryside after rehabilitation the infrastructure in different sectors. The shops of clothes, vegetables, fruit, …

        • 9 August

          Daraya City… Remarkable increase in number of shops and economic activities

          Damascus Countryside, SANA- After the return of most services to it, the city of Daraya in Damascus countryside is witnessing today an economic movement in the field of craft and …

        June, 2021

        • 26 June

          A boy injured in blast of a landmine left behind by terrorists in Zamaniya village , Damascus countryside

          Damascus countryside, SANA- A boy was injured on Saturday in an explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in Zamaniya village in Duma region , Damascus countryside . A …

        • 10 June

          Harvesting apricot crops in Shaba’a town in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside (photos)

        • 7 June

          Harvesting wheat crops in Deir Khabiya, Damascus countryside ( photos)

        May, 2021

        • 26 May

          Two ballot boxes in liberated town of Bassimeh, Damascus Countryside

          Damascus countryside, SANA- The polling stations in Wadi Barada area in Damascus countryside has witnessed an increasing turnout by the citizens over the past few hours as confirmed by those …

        • 26 May

          Locals in Douma: Elections scene in our city brings back the victory over terrorism

          Damascus, SANA- We missed this joy for years because of the black terrorism that targeted Douma city, Hayat al-Rhaibani said, who chose to cast her vote in the presidential elections …