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        Provinces News

        October, 2021

        • 9 October

          Arab Tribes and Clans condemn QSD militia aggression on civilians in Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka, SANA- Syrian Tribes and Clans in Hasaka province condemned the US occupation-linked QSD militia’s blatant aggressions as a “violation of all ethical and humanitarian standards” through exploiting the support …

        • 9 October

          Operations of settling status of gunmen move to eastern and southeastern countryside in Daraa province

          Daraa, SANA- Operations of setting the status of gunmen, the wanted and the military deserters and handing over their weapons to the Syrian Arab Army, based on the settlement agreement …

        • 8 October

          QSD militia carries out raids campaign, kidnaps over 100 civilians in Hasaka countryside

          Hasaka , SANA- US occupation –backed QSD militia carried out raids campaign in villages of Tel Barak in the north east of Hasaka, and kidnapped 100 civilians during the past …

        • 7 October

          Two civilians injured in explosive device blast in Quneitra countryside

          Quneitra , SANA – Two civilians were injured in blast of an explosive device left behind by terrorist organizations in Um Batna village in the Quneitra central countryside . A …

        • 5 October

          Aleppo Health department adopts more preventive measures to combat Coronavirus

          Aleppo, SANA- Aleppo Health Department adopted more preventative measures against coronavirus by receiving infected patients and suspected cases at al-Razi and Zahi Azraq Hospital, providing medical services to all patients …

        • 4 October

          Three civilians injured by fire of Turkish occupation mercenaries in Tal Abyad

          Raqqa, SANA- Three civilians were injured after the Turkish occupation mercenaries opened fire on them in the occupied city of Tal Abyad, Raqqa northern countryside. Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation …

        • 4 October

          Several Turkish occupation mercenaries wounded in infighting in Afrin

          Aleppo, SANA-? Violent clashes with machineguns have erupted between terrorist organizations affiliated with the Turkish occupation in Afrin area, Aleppo northern countryside. Clashes with machine guns and medium weapons have …

        • 4 October

          Settling status of militants continues in Jasem City, Daraa countryside

          Daraa, SANA- For the second day in a row, a number of militants, the wanted and military deserters have flocked to settle their status and hand over their weapons to …

        • 3 October

          Upon directives of President al-Assad, Governor of Damascus offers condolence over martyrdom of a firefighter

          Damascus, SANA-Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Governor of Damascus, Adel al-Olabi, offered condolences over the martyrdom of firefighter Hussine al-Mohammad. Al-Olabi offered condolences on behalf of President al-Assad, …

        • 3 October

          Operation of settling status of a number of gunmen, the wanted in a number of areas, Daraa countryside starts

          Daraa, SANA- Operation of settling status of scores of gunmen, the wanted and military deserters and handing over their weapons to the Syrian Arab Army started on Sunday in Jasem …